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Policy Statement, standards, and accountability

Management applies HSE policies and rigorous standards throughout the company.

CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited (BHDC) is committed to providing all customers with satisfactory petroleum engineering technology services, all employees with safety and health, and maximizes the environmental protection. Relevant HSE policies confirmed by company are as follows:
All employees must be advised of the risk factors and hazards to which they may be exposed before signing the labor contract.
CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited (BHDC) shall educate and train the employees in an oral, written or practical way.
CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited (BHDC) shall encourage the employees to participate in HSE management and actively engage in the operating risk identification and assessment as well as in the development and revision of HSE systems, procedures and plans at all levels.
CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited (BHDC) shall issue the personal protective equipment to each employee according to his/her job type, and promptly replace any damaged personal protective equipment. All employees shall take good care and proper use of the personal protective equipment issued by company during the operation.
CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited (BHDC) shall seriously investigate and analyze all the emergencies, HSE accidents and incidents occurred and thoroughly investigate and correct them so as to prevent them from occurring again.
No one shall request any employee to work for more than 12 consecutive hours. Anyone who is assigned to take over another's shift shall be subject to capacity evaluation. No one shall assign any unqualified employee or unskilled operator to replace the driller and other key positions.
If any hidden dangers found during operation may endanger personal safety, employees are entitled to stop operation and take proactive actions to avoid risks. Employees are entitled to refuse instructions in violation of relevant HSE regulations.
Except for those security personnel authorized by the government, no personnel shall be allowed to use weapons or firearms in places or facilities of CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited (BHDC) .
No personnel shall be allowed to drink alcoholic beverage or eat pork in any place.
CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited (BHDC) prohibits all employees from illicitly manufacturing, spreading, distributing, possessing, using, transporting or peddling any controlled drugs at the work or service places of company by taking advantage of their work or business dealings; such drugs include (but not limited to): narcotics, prescription and non-prescription drugs, synthetic or designed drugs, amphetamine, cannabinoid, cocaine, pentachlorophenol (PCP), sleeping pill, and other illicit drugs according to the local laws.
No personnel shall be allowed to enter into the areas free of mine clearance, and the demining operations must be confirmed in advance before arranging people to carry out the excavation.
Employees must wear seatbelts when taking vehicles, and the passenger seats for vehicles to be used by company must be equipped with seatbelts.


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